CEN Biotech Ukraine apply medical marijuana program

Canadian biopharmaceutical company CEN Biotech has provided its affiliates Ltd. “Ken Biotech Ukraine” (Kiev) loan in the amount of $ 310.188 thousand., According to the financial statements of the Canadian company.

Terms of financing and credit assignment in the message is not specified.

At the same time, the document states that “Ken Biotech Ukraine” was established by President Bill Chaabanom CEN Biotech (which owns 51% of share capital) to study agricultural and pharmaceutical prospects in Ukraine.

CEN Biotech company was founded in August of 2013, is studying agronomy and pharmaceutical principles of cultivation, sale, processing and delivery of medical marijuana in the framework approved in Canada for the use of medical marijuana program for medicinal purposes (Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations). The company is also exploring similar opportunities in other countries with similar programs.


Source: http://ubr.ua/market/agricultural-market/ukrainskaia-kompaniia-poluchila-kredit-ot-proizvoditelia-marihuany-427318


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